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Many married couples go through rough patches in which they can't seem to get along no matter what they do. Others are getting along well, but there is still a lack of intimacy and connection. Whether subdued or not, marital tension can lead to relationship distress that, in turn, can adversely affect mental and physical health. Fortunately, there is hope with therapy and free resources. Knowing its benefits, over half of all people who are married seek out some form of marriage counseling. In this article, we the added benefits of online couples counseling that come free of charge.
Looking for resources to help you through marriage problems?

How to know when your marriage needs help

If you and your spouse are constantly at odds lately (and you have not been before), there may be something brewing on the horizon. In many cases, issues with married couples arise because of the pressures of everyday life or other personal issues that one partner may be facing. This does not have to be a detriment to your marriage. However, if marital troubles have been going on for an extended period, and there seems to be no end in sight, then your marriage could likely benefit from added support. Some of these turns can be weathered without intervention through ample communication, understanding, and patience, but sometimes more help is needed to get things back on a healthier track for both of you.

How to benefit from free marriage counseling online

If you are asking yourself, "Where is a marriage counselor near me?", that's a good thing! You are taking a step towards learning healthy relationship skills to strengthen your relationship bond. One of the main reasons that married couples have ongoing marital challenges is improper communication skills and a lack of boundary-setting at the beginning of the relationship. During the love phase of a relationship, we may hide our real desires and concerns out of fear of losing the relationship. This only serves to set improper expectations for how your relationship will proceed as both partners reveal their "true selves" later on down the line. It is essential for married couples to learn how to properly communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements.

If you start to feel you are walking on eggshells to avoid having conversations with your partner, this is a sign that your marriage could use some counseling interventions. May may already be wondering, "Is there marriage counseling near me?" Getting free marriage counseling online, or free information about marriage counseling, can be a great place to start.

How to find free marital counseling resources

At this day and age, free online counseling platforms are available to help you work through your marital issues. Free relationship counseling online can be found easily on the internet. Aside from online, blog articles, quizzes, and e-books can go a long way toward helping you understand what's happening in your marriage and provide you with some information on steps to take to help heal any damage that's been done. There are many reputable relationship counseling sites like Regain that provide free marriage counseling resources beneficial for struggling couples.

Some helpful free marriage counseling resources that are available online include:

  1. Couples counseling exercises to try together.
  2. Mental health quizzes to take as individuals, to gain further insight into anything that may be affecting your partnership.
  3. YouTube videos from licensed therapists discussing healthy relationships.

Marriage therapy online

The online therapists at BetterHelp are licensed and credentialed therapy providers who are highly trained and educated in the areas of marriage and family. Finding a couple’s counselor whom you trust can be way easier than you think with platforms like BetterHelp. If you are both busy people, online couples counseling is extremely convenient and available. It is important to note that at this time BetterHelp does not offer free services.

An affiliation with BetterHelp includes the following:

  1. SMS Messaging Therapy: Clients and therapists can chat using SMS messaging features embedded in the therapy platform or by sending regular text messages after exchanging contact information. SMS messaging therapy is a popular form of online therapy that keeps therapists and clients connected in real-time 24-hours a day, though the therapist and client may discuss boundaries, if needed, with this.
  2. Video Chat Therapy: When clients opt for video therapy sessions, it connects them with therapists via video chat features built into the therapy platform. They can also conduct video chat sessions using Facetime or Skype. This method of therapy is the most similar to in-office therapy, as clients and therapists can both see and hear each other.
  3. Groupinars: Clients can gain a larger perspective on their current marital situations by learning about how other couples relate to each other in guided sessions and community forums.
  4. Therapy Sessions: This relates to all aspects of your therapy, including live chat sessions, SMS messages, and notes.

Reasons to see a marriage counselor

Marriage counseling can benefit most couples simply because there are few people who have the innate ability or exposure to the tools that promote long-term relationships. However, for those with new or ongoing problems, committing to therapy early on can help save a marriage from dissolution. In fact, research has shown that nearly 70% of married couples who stick with marital counseling positively respond to the work with improved intimacy and communication. Take a look at the following reasons to seek relationship counseling to identify if therapy can benefit your marriage.

Financial concerns

Money issues are a very common dispute in relationships. When couples are overly concerned with financial issues, this can place a noticeable strain on the marriage. This is especially true for couples who have different spending habits, issues with gambling, overspending, or those who are managing large amounts of debt.

Financial concerns are important to address in marriage such that its significance is often discussed during pre-marriage counseling. Being able to have open, honest conversations with your spouse regarding how to handle marital finances is essential in overcoming this obstacle. A licensed therapist can help you and your spouse find ways to address concerns in your marriage that relate to how you manage your finances.

Family planning

Child-rearing is a calling many couples look forward to in their marriage. As lovely as it is, many couples struggle with maintaining good relationships and blending families. This may come as no surprise since you and your spouse lovingly chose each other - your extended family did not have this choice. Blending families can be difficult without the commitment to families on both sides to understand each other's point of view.

Couples who have communication issues with extended family or those who are at odds over child-rearing based on their family histories will need to be willing to learn to find a middle ground that works for both sides in conflict resolution. Online marriage and family therapists can help couples address major challenges like these. Remember that couples counseling does not have to be a chore. Once you have found a couple’s counselor whom you both agree is trustworthy and qualified to provide counsel, you may see some incredible improvements in your marriage.

Free relationships and extra-marital affairs

A free relationship is a relationship in which both partners agree to have complete freedom on how they spend their free time, like vacations and holidays. Extra sexual or emotional relationships are typically not in the agreement. It is expected that this relationship model will reduce tension and resentment while it improves romance and fulfillment. Whenever there is a breach in this agreement, there could be a serious challenge. If the free relationship leads to a marriage, then a couple may need to book counseling services with marriage counseling online to ensure that communication remains open, the agreement is reworked as needed, and both parties still feel fulfilled.

Again, if there is a case of extramarital affairs in the picture, there might be a need to contact a licensed professional for online free marriage counseling.

Open marriage 

This is in some ways similar to a free relationship, but in an open marriage, sexual relationships outside the marriage are not seen as infidelity. Couples either in or desiring to have an open marriage may need to get open marriage counseling to help navigate the mutual agreement.

Looking for resources to help you through marriage problems?

Benefits of a counselor

When you and your spouse take part in marriage counseling online, you can both gain third-party insight from an unbiased perspective. A therapist can provide an honest point of view that comes from a licensed professional with experience in helping people develop a healthier marriage. Perhaps seeing your relationship, yourself, and your partner more clearly is enough to put you back on the road to recovery and heading toward improved intimacy and marital satisfaction.

Marriage counseling can help you both learn new methods of communication and coping skills (for when times get challenging). Many people make the mistake of assuming that because couples argue, they are automatically destined for a breakup - especially the couples themselves. In most cases, this is not true. Arguments may arise when one partner or the other feels that they are not being heard, or that their boundaries are being ignored in some way.

Sessions with a licensed therapist can help both partners see each other's point of view. Many couples have been saying the same thing; they have different communication skills. This is where communication styles and love languages come into play. In his book The 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman explains that not everyone feels or expresses love the same way. So, while you might think that you've been showing your wife love for years, she may feel completely unloved by you. These different languages include acts of service, physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, and quality time. Your therapist can help you understand each other’s love language and give you strategies in building healthy and effective communication. 

You have many options to choose from when looking for a therapist, keeping in the forefront of your mind that the one you choose is one with whom you feel safe and confident. You also have the choice to choose between online and in-person therapy, both effective ways for you to seek professional advice. Online therapy is convenient as you participate in therapy from the comfort of your own home and is supported by research as a beneficial alternative to in-person therapy.


Now that you know how your marriage can benefit from free marriage counseling online, what steps might you take toward improving the quality of your life? The next steps are up to you. 

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