Is Your Marriage In Trouble? Learn How To Benefit From (Free) Marriage Counseling Online

Updated December 09, 2019

Is your marriage starting to feel like it's "on the rocks"? If the answer is yes, no worries, you're not alone. Many married couples go through rough patches where they can't seem to get along - no matter what they do. Marital troubles don't always have to end in divorce. In this article, we discuss free marriage counseling benefits for couples in crisis.


How To Know When Your Marriage Is In Trouble

If you and your husband and wife are constantly at odds lately (and you haven't been before), there's something brewing on the horizon. Most times, issues come up because of the pressures of everyday life or other personal issues that one partner may be facing. Many times this doesn't have to be a detriment to your marriage. However, if marital troubles have been going on for an extended period, and there seems to be no end in sight - your marriage has likely taken a bad turn.

One of the main reasons that married couples have ongoing marital challenges is because of improper communication skills and lack of boundary setting at the beginning of the relationship. During the love phase of a relationship, we may hide our real desires and concerns out of fear of losing the relationship. This only serves to set improper expectations for how your relationship will proceed as both partners reveal their "true-selves" later on down the line.

It's often during times of changing behavior that married couples find themselves at odds with each other because this "new" behavior is unexpected. In actuality, there's likely nothing new about the behavior at all. What's happened is that you forgot to show up to your relationship - as your true self at the beginning of the relationship.

When you start to feel you're walking on eggshells to avoid having conversations with your partner, this is a huge sign that your marriage is in trouble. If it's gotten to this point, you and your spouse need a third-party intervention. Getting free marriage counseling online that provide you with related resources and tools like those in The Science of Love and Attachment, is a great place to start.


How To Benefit From Free Marriage Counseling Online

Free Resources like blog articles, quizzes, and e-books can go a long way toward helping you understand what's happening in your marriage and provide you with some information on steps to take to reverse any damage that's been done. There are many reputable relationship counseling sites like RegainUS that provide free marriage counseling worksheets and similar resources beneficial for struggling couples.

Free Marriage Counseling Hotline - a free marriage counseling hotline can provide you and your spouse with one-on-one telephone support with a relationship expert. During your free phone session, your coach or counselor will advise you of related resources and the next steps to take to resolve the ongoing issues in your marriage. Free marriage counseling services are often the first step to developing a plan to heal your life and your marriage.

Once you've learned about important next steps to take towards repairing your relationship, it's time to put those steps into action. The logical next step after using free marriage counseling resources online is to set up ongoing sessions for marriage counseling with an online therapist.

Marriage Therapy Online

Today's leading therapy sites like provide married couples with access to a wealth of marriage support services. The online therapists at BetterHelp are licensed and credentialed therapy providers that are highly trained and educated in the areas of marriage and family. When you sign up for platforms like, you and your spouse gain immediate access to the following services.

SMS Messaging Therapy - Clients and therapists chat using SMS messaging features embedded in the therapy platform or by sending regular text messages after exchanging contact information. SMS messaging therapy is a popular form of online therapy that keeps therapists and clients connected in real-time 24-hours a day.

Video Chat Therapy - When clients opt for video therapy sessions, it connects them with therapists via video chat features built into the therapy platform. They can also conduct video chat sessions using Facetime or Skype. This method of therapy is the most similar to in-office therapy, as clients and therapists can both see and hear each other.


Group Therapy - Individuals and couples attend group sessions with other couples in crisis via group support chat sessions and online forums. Clients can gain a larger perspective on their current marital situations by learning about how other couples relate to each other in guided sessions and community forums. Group therapy sessions can be conducted via video, SMS, phone, or audio.

24-Hour Support - Online coaching, counseling, and therapy sites provide clients with access to twenty-four-hour support. Always-on access makes it easy for people seeking support to find expert support online at any time of the day or night. People who work odd hours or who suffer from issues like insomnia can appreciate having 24-hour access to therapy.

Confidential Therapy Sessions - When you attend online therapy sessions with leading sites like, you gain access to confidential services in a HIPPA compliant environment. Sessions between you and your therapist are 100% confidential. This relates to all aspects of your therapy, including live chat sessions, SMS messages, and notes.

Stress-Free Services - Leading therapy sites make getting mental health, marriage, and family support online a breeze by providing access to stress-free services. Today's platforms provide excellent user experience by creating easy to navigate platforms that walk clients through relevant content areas, including how to attend therapy sessions step-by-step.

Marriage Therapy - Common Topics Of Discussion

If you've been having issues in your marriage long-term, you may wonder if some things that you and your spouse have been fighting about are normal. In most cases, the answer is likely "yes. Saying I do doesn't mean that both spouses will agree on every issue 100% of the time. The key to getting past these issues is learning how to address them without feeling attacked. It's normal for couples to disagree.

The following Are Four Common Reasons That Couples Attend Marriage Counseling Online:

Financial Concerns - When couples are overly concerned with financial issues, this can place a noticeable strain on the marriage. This is especially true for couples who have different spending habits, issues with gambling, overspending, or those who are managing large amounts of debt.

Being able to have open, honest conversations with your spouse regarding how to handle marital finances is the only way to overcome this obstacle. A licensed therapist can help you and your spouse find ways to deal with challenges in your marriage that relate to how you manage your finances.

Family And Child-rearing

Many couples struggle with maintaining good relationships and blending families. This is no surprise since you and your spouse got to choose each other - your extended family members didn't have this choice. Blending families can be difficult without the commitment to families on both sides to understand each other's point of view.

Couples who have issues with extended family members or those who are at odds over child-rearing based on their family histories have to be willing to learn to find a middle ground that works for both sides in conflict resolution. Online marriage and family therapists can help couples address major challenges like these.


Benefits Of Online Marriage Counseling

When you and your spouse take part in marriage counseling online, you both gain third-party insight from an unbiased perspective. No more worrying about if you or your partner is wrong. A third party can intervene and provide an honest point of view. Perhaps seeing your relationship, yourself, and your partner more clearly is enough to put you back on the road to recovery and heading toward wedded bliss.

Learn new methods of communication and coping skills (for when times get rough)Many people make the mistake of assuming that because couples argue, that they are automatically destined for a breakup - especially the couples themselves. In most cases, this is not true. Arguments arise when one partner or the other feels that they aren't being heard, or that their boundaries are being trampled in some way.

Sessions with a licensed therapist can help both partners see each other's point of view. What often happens is that many couples have been saying the same thing; they have different communication skills. This is where communication styles and love languages come into play.

Take The Next Step

Now that you know how your marriage can benefit from free marriage counseling online, what steps will you take toward improving the quality of your life? Will you take advantage of the free resources, move on to the next steps and recommit yourself to your marriage, or will you leave things to take care of themselves without making any changes << This never really works.

The next steps you take are up to you. If you're ready to improve or save your marriage, is to contact one of our relationship experts for a free consultation. Reach out to an expert marriage professional at today!

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