Where To Find The Best Online Couples Counseling (And How To Get Started for Free)

Updated December 09, 2019


Are you and your partner have issues and looking for free online couples counseling? You're not alone. Many of today's couples are choosing couples counseling online as a way to learn how to resolve their relationship issues. In this article, we discuss some of the best online couples counseling options available and online couples counseling long-distance relationships. Finally, we'll look at options for free online couples counseling chat and provide information on how you can find online couples counseling free.

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Let's start with some of the best online couples counseling sites.

Couples Counseling Online - How It Works

If you've ever attended a traditional in-office therapy session, you may have some idea of what online couples counseling session will be like. Online counseling sessions are conducted just like in-office sessions. The only difference is where couples and their therapists are located. When couples take part in counseling online, they choose their therapy provider or platform based on their needs as a couple.

Most couples get started with a free consultation or free online couples counseling chat.

Once couples choose their provider, the next step is to decide how they will attend counseling. Online options for counseling are available by secure chatroom, SMS messaging, face-to-face video therapy, and audio/phone chat.

Regardless of your chosen method of therapy, all sessions with your provider are confidential and secure. Couples, beware If you ever find a therapy platform that doesn't state that the platform is confidential and secure. After you've decided how you'll take part in therapy and scheduled an appointment with your therapist online, the next step is to go to therapy.

You and your partner can go to therapy from the same location or log in from two different locations. You and your therapist can form an online couples counseling long-distance relationships to help keep you and your partner on track. Your therapist will also log in to your secure sessions, and then the conversation will begin. Your therapy session will be a three-way question and answer session where everyone has the opportunity to ask and answer questions.

Therapeutic Assessment And Benefits

Once the question and answer portion of the therapy is over, your therapist will make recommendations and provide goals and exercises for you and your partner to complete in between therapy. You'll receive a treatment plan that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship based on your therapy session. In upcoming sessions, the couple and therapist will track the couple's progress and noticeable improvements.

One of the main benefits of getting couples counseling online is having access to a neutral third-party that can look at your relationship objectively and provide real advice. Loving couples who are experiencing a rough patch - but are serious about keeping or saving their relationships, have another option.

When couples go to therapy, they learn to look at their relationships from a new perspective and better communication skills. Having a therapist in the room when important topics are discussed helps couples to recognize their real issues and create better strategies together for dealing with relationship challenges.

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Couples who attend therapy online have the added benefit of attending therapy online from wherever they have an uninterrupted internet connection. Regardless of their location, couples can log in for therapy using compatible desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Gone are the days of having to sit in traffic or worrying about missing your couple's therapy appointment.

Best Couples Counseling Sites Online

Now that you have an idea of how couples counseling sites work and some of the benefits of couples counseling, let's look at some of the best couples counseling sites online. Following, we provide details on two popular subscription-based couples therapy sites - RegainUS and BetterHelp.com.


RegainUS is a leading couples therapy provider that specializes in providing couples with therapy and counseling from board-certified relationship therapists. Regain is one of the only therapy platforms online that are dedicated solely to the topic of love and relationships. The Regain platform is a subscription-based couples therapy platform that provides unlimited access to relationship counselors and therapists for between $40.00 - $70.00 per week.

What couples get with their therapy subscription - is access to a network of over two-thousand licensed therapists that are board-certified to practice therapy within their states of residence. The providers on the RegainUS platform have a minimum of 2000 hands-on clinical hours - which means that the therapists here are experts. Regain therapists hold an advanced degree related to their primary area of practice.


BetterHelp.com is a leading therapy service that provides mental health clients with access to a variety of therapy services, including couple and relationship therapy. Like RegainUS, the BetterHelp platform offers an affordable couple's therapy service with access to degreed and licensed therapists that practice within their states of residence.

In addition to relationship therapists, BetterHelp also offers mental health seekers with access to a variety of board-certified mental health professionals. BetterHelp has the following certified mental health professionals on staff.

  • Psychologists
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists

When you choose leading platforms like BetterHelp, you also gain access to a network of therapy providers that can help couples with their issues. If one or other partner is suffering from chronic mental health issues like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and bipolar disorder (BPD), in addition to attending your regular couple's therapy session, couples can also take advantage of individual counseling services.

If one or the other partner is suffering from diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues, this can have a serious effect on the quality of your relationship. People who are suffering from mental illness often experience symptoms that intimate partners and family members attribute to disinterest - when, in fact, they are related to an underlying mental health issue.

Common symptoms for people suffering from mental health-related issues are:

Loss of interest in activities that used to bring them joy.

Issues functioning at work, home, and school.

Apathy towards life in general.

Degradation in their physical appearance or personal hygiene

While this isn't a comprehensive list - if you see signs of either you or your partner, understanding that there may be a deeper issue in your relationship can help you both be more compassionate towards each other as you get to the bottom of the issue and back on track to a happier life.

Free Online Couples Counseling Sites

If you would rather start with a free option for couples counseling online, there are a few leading sites that offer online counseling free. Online counseling is a form of introductory therapy with trained coaches and listeners who can provide advice. The main difference in free and paid therapy is that when you visit a therapist, you're getting advice from highly-educated, trained, and degreed professionals who are licensed to provide therapeutic advice.

When you chat with an expert or coach, these are people who have on the job training or experience in their relevant field of counseling that doesn't have any licenses or degrees. Either choice may be the best option for you depending on your needs and financial situation - but it's important to understand the differences between the two. Now that you have a better idea of how free online counseling sites work, let's look at a popular free site.

7 Cups Of Tea

The 7 Cups of Tea platform provides couples with access to trained listeners who are available online 24-hours a day to listen and provide advice. The platform is designed for individuals and couples who have been having issues in their relationships and are seeking guidance and support from trained experts.

When you log in to the 7 Cups of Tea platform, you have the option to register for an anonymous account, or you can register with your real name. The amount of anonymity that you have on the platform is under your control. The only identifying information that you need to provide is an email address for contacts related to your sessions including, notes, upcoming appointments, and other related resources.

People like using the 7 Cups of Tea platform because it provides them with an outlet and real-life advice when they are struggling with issues - and can't seem to find a solution. Free counseling sites like 7 Cups are helping people to find relief regardless of whether they have health insurance or can afford to pay a licensed professional.

As long as you understand that the sessions with 7 Cups listeners aren't intended to replace medical or therapeutic advice, then you're all set. If you decide that you want to take it one step further and try paid therapy while you're on the platform, there's an option for that too.

You can upgrade your account on the 7 Cups platform at any time to gain access to live therapy sessions with licensed and certified professionals that can provide therapeutic advice. Today's flexible therapy options are making it easier for couples and mental health seekers to find relief online - at a price that they can afford.

Final Thoughts

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Now that you have the inside scoop on online couples counseling, understand the benefits of couples therapy and know where to get started online free, you're already one step closer than you were before to healing your intimate relationships. If you're ready to take the next step, contact a licensed therapy professional at BetterHelp.com to get started today.

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