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Mental health concerns are a common issue within the U.S. and even globally. With 1 in 5 American adults living with some form of mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, therapy may be more necessary today than it's ever been. 

It used to be that when one needed therapy, they had to schedule a visit with their provider at a physical location, taking time off work to go to appointments. However, modern technology has made it possible for people to receive therapy in a new way with online therapy platforms.

Are You Interested In Online Therapy?

With online therapy, people can receive support and guidance with nothing more than an electronic device and an internet connection. this can be an effective alternative to traditional therapy through which people can receive support and guidance that's convenient, affordable, and discreet. Online counseling is another form that you may think about. However,if you're considering seeking help via online therapy, you may be wondering how much it costs, if insurance is accepted, and how it actually works.  Continue reading to learn more about platforms like BetterHelp and how online therapy may be able to support you and your mental health.

What Is BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform offering subscription-based therapy services for individuals who need professional support for mental health concerns or challenges in their life. The licensed therapists at BetterHelp can help with a variety of issues, including depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, relationship issues, grief, anger, and more. BetterHelp therapists are available via live chat, live video, and phone calls for scheduled sessions and via in-app messaging anytime. The utilization of in-app messaging is unlimited and included in the weekly cost of Betterhelp pricing services.

When using this online platform, you can talk to your therapist and receive guidance and advice through your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have a stable internet connection.

Benefits Of Online Therapy

When it comes to online therapy, individuals may find numerous benefits compared to traditional in-person therapy. Here are some of the common benefits individuals experience when receiving support from online therapy.

Cost - Compared to traditional face-to-face therapy, online therapy is often more affordable, making it accessible to more individuals who may have previously felt they were unable to afford therapy.

Convenience - With online therapy, you no longer need to commute to your therapist's office or find the time to fit an appointment into your schedule. With online therapy, you can receive support whenever you need it, and you never even have to leave your home.

Discretion:When it comes to seeing a therapist, many people may feel discouraged to receive treatment due to the stigma that surrounds mental health issues. When you're receiving help online at home, no one need know about it other than you—if that's how you like it.

Cost Of Online Therapy

Online therapy offers affordable therapy and support when compared to traditional in-person therapy. Traditional therapy can range from roughly $100 to $200 per session, depending on your location. Does insurance cover therapy? Some insurance providers may be able to cover traditional therapy while others may not, and some individuals may not have an insurance plan, making traditional therapy potentially cost-prohibitive and, thus, out of reach.

BetterHelp online therapy offers affordable subscriptions to receive various therapy services for those who need or want mental health support. How much does Betterhelp cost? The cost for a therapy subscription with BetterHelp ranges from $60-$90 per week, which is billed every four weeks and is based on your preferences, location, and current therapist availability.

Talkspace, another popular online therapy platform, offers therapy plans for messaging therapy, live therapy, or a combination of the two, with plans ranging from $69-$129 per week. 

Insurance Coverage Of Online Therapy

Online therapy platforms are not typically covered by the majority of health insurance plans, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, each insurance provider is different, and some insurance plans may cover a partial or a limited portion of the therapy. You would need to reach out to your insurance provider directly to inquire about online therapy reimbursement and coverage options.

However, since BetterHelp offers incredibly affordable therapy services, the co-pay you may have to pay with your insurance plan may be comparable or sometimes even more than a BetterHelp subscription, making BetterHelp an affordable form of therapy even without any insurance coverage. On the other hand, if you're a counselor wanting to know "How much does Betterhelp pay counselors?" they do not publish exact compensation amounts. 

Some major insurance plans may cover Talkspace, you will need to check with your insurance provider to see if your current insurance plan covers online therapy with Talkspace. However, if you are covered, it may be likely you will also have co-pay when using Talkspace therapy services.

Sessions With Your Therapist at BetterHelp

When signing up with BetterHelp online therapy, you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire that will allow the platform to understand more about you, your expectations for therapy, and your objectives and needs. 

You will also be able to fill out detailed preferences for your desired therapist, including their gender, age range, or religious affiliation. You may also be able to choose if you prefer a therapist of color or one who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Depending on your objectives, specific needs, preferences, and the availability of therapists, you will be matched with a licensed therapist typically within 24-48 hours.

Once you're matched with a BetterHelp therapist, you can connect with them for support and guidance through in-app messaging, live chat, live video chat, and live phone calls. Live sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long; however, you may be able to schedule up to an hour with your therapist, depending on your needs and their availability. You can also choose to use the in-app messaging feature, which doesn't require any scheduling, but rather allows you to message your therapist whenever you need support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you will receive a notification once your therapist responds with advice and guidance. You and your therapist can review these messages at any time.

Where BetterHelp Is Available

While all BetterHelp therapists live in the United States and are licensed in various states within this country, you can sign up and use the BetterHelp online therapy platform from any country in the world including Canada and the UK. Keep in mind that the language used on the BetterHelp platform is English, and there may be a time difference when scheduling live sessions with your therapist. However, some of our therapists are multilingual and may be able to offer services in other languages.

Online Therapy Compared To Traditional Therapy

When it comes to different therapy and counseling options that are available, both online therapy and traditional, in-person therapy can be beneficial.Online therapy allows individuals to receive affordable therapy services from the comfort of their home or anywhere they have an internet connection. Research shows that online therapy can be just as effective as traditional in-person therapy for many common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, making it a favorable alternative for those who may find traditional therapy to be inaccessible or impossible to work with.

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Are You Interested In Online Therapy?

Getting A Diagnosis

The BetterHelp platform offers various therapy services from licensed, experienced, and accredited psychologists (Ph.D. / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), and board licensed professional counselors (LPC). Each BetterHelp therapist may have their own approaches to therapy and may have different areas of focus or expertise. You will be matched with a licensed therapist based on your mental health concerns and needs. However, the licensed therapists at BetterHelp and other online platforms may not be able to make an official diagnosis, prescribe medication, or fulfill a required court order.

For individuals living with severe mental illness, have a mental illness that requires medication, or has a court order that needs to be fulfilled, online therapy may not be the right fit, and the individual may need to seek guidance and support from an in-person medical professional. It's also important to remember that you should never take any medication without first consulting a medical professional such as a primary care physician or a psychiatrist for a proper diagnosis and prescription. However, once you do receive an official diagnosis from the necessary medical professional, you may continue to receive therapy services from BetterHelp and connect with one of over 23,000 licensed therapists to improve your symptoms and overall mental health.


If you're experiencing mental health concerns or challenges in your life, therapy can be an invaluable resource to receive guidance, tools, and support to improve your mental health and live a happier and more fulfilled life. If you're ready for help, reach out to talk to a licensed therapist at BetterHelp and begin your journey to improving your mental health and overall well-being.


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