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As technology continues to integrate into our society, an increasing number of daily operations have become available virtually. Many people are unable to attend face-to-face appointments due to time and financial constraints, and this is true for seeking mental health treatment as well.

Is BetterHelp therapy or counseling?

When answering this question, the first important thing to understand is the difference between counseling and therapy. While therapy and counseling are often used as interchangeable terms, there are key differences between the two. Counseling generally focuses on specific issues for a shorter duration, while therapy aims to uncover long-term patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.

When you seek counseling, a mental health counselor or clinical mental health counselor will help you process and work through a specific issue for a finite amount of time. Counseling is generally sought for a specific issue, such as a marital problem or the loss of a loved one. When you work with a counselor, they will give you guidance and tools to use to handle complex emotions. When a patient seeks counseling, they generally expect to only complete a short duration of sessions.

Therapy, on the other hand, has a long-term focus and aims to understand how a patient’s childhood, experiences, and relationships affect their thought patterns, behaviors, and the way they see the world. Essentially, in therapy, a patient works with their therapist to understand why they think and act the way they do. Therapy is generally a long-term commitment, and patients will work with their therapist to develop coping strategies to work through negative thoughts and feelings and explore how to improve the quality of their everyday life.

Where the two types of mental health help intertwine is that therapy can include counseling for specific issues as they arise. Many mental health clinicians are trained in both areas. At BetterHelp, mental health professionals are employed who are licensed and credentialed by the state’s board to provide both therapy and counseling.

These professionals include accredited psychologists (PhD, PsyD), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW/LMSW), and licensed professional therapists (LPC). All professionals employed by BetterHelp have at least 3 years and 1000 hours of hands-on experience, as well as the necessary exams, training, and practice to effectively treat patients.

Is BetterHelp therapy legit?

Yes, BetterHelp is a legitimate company and leader in online therapy. BetterHelp employs over 22,000 therapists and almost 2,000,000 patients as of 2022. Many people prefer BetterHelp to in-person therapy, and thousands of patients have left positive reviews.

BetterHelp understands how important trust and safety are for patients and acts in accordance with this value.

How do therapists feel about BetterHelp?

BetterHelp therapists have consistently left positive reviews about working with BetterHelp. BetterHelp believes that therapists who are happy, respected, and satisfied with their working platform will serve patients better, and this is reflected in the treatment of therapists.

Is better health Counselling free?

BetterHelp counseling sessions range from $60-$90 per week and are billed once every 4 weeks. Many users receive a discounted price due to financial need, and prices range based on location and therapist availability.

One thing to note is that BetterHelp is not eligible for claims to Medicare, Medicaid, or other health insurers. Generally, BetterHelp services are not covered by health insurance.

While this may make face-to-face therapy seem more appealing financially, there are several factors that lead BetterHelp to often have the lower cost overall. For example, many health insurance plans have very limited coverage of mental health services. Those that do offer coverage typically have a co-pay, and this co-pay is often higher than a full week of BetterHelp. For many reimbursements of traditional therapy, the therapist is required to diagnose a mental disorder or issue for coverage. This diagnosis is sent to insurance companies and recorded in medical files, which can lead to certain difficulties later on.

How long are BetterHelp sessions?

BetterHelp offers 30-minute scheduling blocks with therapists and multiple blocks may be reserved at once. There is no limit on BetterHelp for how long the duration should be, though different therapists have different standards and preferences for session lengths. This is an important thing to discuss with your therapist when making an appointment.

Another thing to note is you can only schedule one live session at a time.

Is BetterHelp religious?

When you schedule an appointment with a BetterHelp therapist, you are able to indicate whether you would prefer religious or non-religious counseling or therapy. BetterHelp has a sister site called Faith Counseling that is directly based around Christian counseling, but many therapists on BetterHelp offer religious counseling for multiple different religions.

BetterHelp is not a directly religious platform, so many mental health professionals will not practice faith-based therapy. If this is something you are looking for, it is important to include it in your biography for your therapist and in your search terms when looking for a mental health professional. However, whether you are religious or not, religion and spirituality is often discussed with your therapist during your sessions.

What happens if you don't like your therapist on BetterHelp?

When you sign up on BetterHelp, you will be matched with an available therapist who is the best fit for your short and long-term goals, preferences, type of therapy desired, and any other indicated desires. Because of the large volume of mental health professionals employed by BetterHelp, many therapists have different approaches that can achieve the best results for different types of clients. Most of the matches on BetterHelp have been successful, but if patients start the process and believe somebody else would be a better fit, they are able to select a different match with no extra charge.

How do I quit BetterHelp as a therapist?

To quit BetterHelp, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BetterHelp account
  2. If you are currently receiving therapy, go to Menu > My Account (or Account settings) > Payment settings > Quit Therapy
  3. Then go to Menu > My Account (or Account settings) >and click on Request

Is BetterHelp available in Canada?

Yes, BetterHelp is fully available in Canada.

What happens at the first BetterHelp session?

At your first session with BetterHelp, it will be an introductory meeting between you and your therapist. Your therapist will likely have several questions for you to help inform the structure of the sessions, and it is best if you can answer these questions as truthfully as possible. You will not be required to “dive right in” to topics that make you uncomfortable, and you will be able to set the tone and pace at which you would like to move through the sessions. The goal of the first meeting is to start becoming comfortable with your therapist and help your therapist understand what concerns and challenges you have regarding your mental health. They will also likely ask you questions such as about your occupation, physical health, goals, preference for session length, and plans for future sessions. 

Before you begin your BetterHelp sessions, you will be able to indicate a preference for receiving therapy in one of four different ways:

  1. Exchanging asynchronous messages with a therapist
  2. Chatting live with a therapist
  3. Speaking on a phone call with your therapist
  4. Meeting over a video call with your therapist

These choices are meant to honor patient preferences for communication, as well as differences in availability and need. Based on your choice, your first session will look different.

Video Call

If you select to meet over a video call, you will speak to your therapist in a virtual face-to-face meeting similar to Skype or Zoom. During your first appointment, you will log into an online therapy room and your therapist will prompt you to start the video session.

Live Chat

If you are meeting with your therapist over a live chat, you will schedule a time with your therapist. 

Phone Session

For those who are meeting over a phone call, you will be able to speak with your therapist over either a landline or cell phone, regardless of location. You will log into your therapy room at the time of your scheduled appointment and your therapist will prompt you to start the phone session. The system will ask for your phone number and then call you at the number. The line will automatically connect you with your therapist.

Asynchronous Messaging

You will write about yourself, your life, ask questions, and discuss anything that you would like. You are able to communicate from any location at any time, so long as you are using any internet-connected device.

This option does not require scheduling because you are not communicating live. Your therapist will read the messages and respond with their questions, insights, guidance, and feedback.


To try one-week free, don’t hesitate to sign up today and find out how therapeutic professionals can help you meet your mental health goals.

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