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Does Online Counseling Work?


As the digital age progresses, a wider range of services is being offered online, including online counseling. While some services do not work well in the virtual sphere, online counseling can be very effective for most people and in most situations. The real question, then, is whether communicating with an online therapist will work for you. Consider the following points to decide if this is the right opportunity for you now, as you face the challenges ahead of you.

Therapist’s Qualifications

Quality online counseling comes from qualified online therapists. Think about it, if the therapist doesn’t have appropriate credentials and experience, how is talking to them different from talking to friends and family? A licensed/certified counselor has proven that they understand psychological principles and different therapy methods.

Experience is also important because the more the therapist has worked with people who have mental health issues, the more insight they have to share with you. They are skilled in various treatment styles and have fine-tuned their techniques. They have worked with many people and have a better understanding of what works for them.



Not every counselor is right for every person. This is true for both in-office counseling and online therapy. Personalities may clash. You may prefer a type of counseling that the first therapist you choose does not offer. The problem with finding a compatible therapist in your local area is that you have to wait weeks or even months to try each new therapist. With online counseling at, you can quickly and easily try a different therapist if you do not get along with the first one.


When you see a counselor in your local area, it can be difficult to reach the therapist between visits. However, with online counseling, you have the opportunity to send a message to your therapist any day, anytime. You might have to wait for a reply, but the wait typically is not as long as with a local therapist.

In addition, you can ask questions, share insights, or bring up issues as soon as they occur to you. You can even describe your feelings right when an incident is happening. This makes it possible for the counselor to gain insight into your mental health issues in a more immediate and accurate way.

Severity of Mental Health Issue

If you have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, you need to see a therapist in your local area regularly. When you need a diagnosis, an online counselor cannot provide it. They can chat with you about the need for getting a diagnosis or in-person treatment, but they cannot fulfill these roles.

However, people with mild to moderate mental health issues can benefit from online counseling. The counselor can guide you in exploring your problem and how they relate to your past life experiences. They can provide treatments and teach you coping skills that help you overcome difficult challenges in your everyday life, work, and family. These therapies are typically quite effective in helping you face and resolve issues you need help understanding.


Degree of Urgency

Just as with severity, how quickly you want and need help is a crucial factor in deciding whether to try online counseling. It is critical to seek help in your local community in an emergency situation. If you or a loved one is in danger due to your mental health crisis, you need local help to ensure your safety.

Yet, online counseling works well when you want to get started dealing with a non-emergency mental health issue right away. The process for starting therapy is quick and easy, so you can connect with a therapist very soon and begin working out your issues.


This all sounds very positive, but where is the proof that it works? Look for reviews of the online counselor. At, you’ll find many reviews of satisfied clients who have worked with the therapist. You can learn more about the personality of the therapist, their style, and how satisfied the client was with the treatment when you read these testimonials.

Are You Willing to Explore Your Issues? provides the counselor and system for working with them. They offer many different counseling options to meet your individual needs. You do need one more thing to complete this picture, though. You need to be willing to do the work of exploring your mental health issues deeply and honestly. You need to be committed to resolving your problems and willing to try coping skills offered by the therapist. If you feel online therapy is right for you, there is no better time than right now to begin.