Julie Dodson, MA (She/her)

Clinical Reviewer
DePauw University, Anderson University, Ball State University, The Ohio State University

Julie is a highly self-motivated, self-disciplined, intelligent, well-educated person with specific skills in professional counseling, teaching, writing, administration, organization, leadership, training, education, conflict-resolution, team-building, and communication skills. She has excelled in every position she has held, exceeding expectations, standards, and job requirements consistently.

Julie has extensive experience in training others, individually and in groups; in person and virtually. She has created numerous recorded training webinars, as well as supporting documents. She has the unique ability to serve as 'mediator,' even in situations in which she may be personally impacted.

She calls Indiana her primary home, but loves to travel, and spend time with extended family and friends. She loves playing the piano, walking, hosting and decorating.

Julie is an avid proponent of the highest levels of accuracy, integrity, and professionalism, both in terms of clinical practice, and related to written content. She recognizes the importance of sharing mental health information with consumers, and is honored to be able to participate in ensuring the articles we provide meet appropriate standards of excellence. This is not an arena in which 'close enough' is reasonable.

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This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform.