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Therapy is a modality used to help diagnose and treat emotional problems ranging in severity. It focuses on a relationship between a client and mental health professional. The client is there to receive treatment for mental health issues or in more severe cases management of mental illness. A therapist’s job is to support their clients to gain balance and wellness in their lives.

Here you will find articles that focus on how a therapeutic approach helps people heal from a variety of issues, whether they are temporary or chronic. Learn about how therapy can benefit you in your life.

Where To Find the Best Free Online Therapy And Why It Matters

Introduction Are you suffering from chronic mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)– And trying to find relief? If you’re...

The Benefits Of Getting Sliding Scale Therapy And Reduced-Cost Therapy Online

Introduction Have you been wondering, “How does sliding scale therapy work? If you’ve ever heard someone say that they are getting reduced cost therapy, low-cost therapy, or...

How Much Does Therapy Cost Without Insurance?

Introduction If you’ve been struggling with the idea of whether or not to get therapy (because you’re concerned about the costs), you’re among the millions of people in the...

Is Therapy Covered By Insurance? (Mental Health Therapy Costs Explained)

Introduction Have you been putting off getting (much needed) therapy because you can’t figure out how to pay for it? You’re not alone. Many people have been avoiding getting...

Couples Therapy Helps You Understand Yourself

When you and your partner are having a hard time understanding each other, couples therapy can help. That’s for sure. But did you know that couples therapy can help you get to...

Understanding The Benefits Of Group Therapy

Can group therapy work for you? Is it the better way to go instead of individual therapy? Well, there’s only one way to find out really, and that’s to understand each type of...

What Is TMS Therapy & How Can It Help?

Depression can be a completely debilitating mental health condition, and it affects a far too large percentage of the population. What that means is there are some different...

Can Therapy Dogs Help Me?

If you’re an animal person then you probably already know how much better you feel just being around an animal, right? You feel happier, calmer and more relaxed just sitting...

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

If you’re looking for a more short-term form of therapy, then cognitive behavioral therapy may be the way you want to go. It’s focused on changing patterns of thinking and...

What Is Behavior Therapy And How Does It Work?

Different people seem to respond best to different types of therapy, and which one you will respond to best is going to be entirely up to you. What we’ll do, however, is take a...

What Does Aversion Therapy Really Consist Of?

If you’re trying to stop an undesirable action, such as addiction, aversion therapy is a way that you can learn how to associate something negative with the activity itself...

What Is Exposure Therapy And How Does It Work?

For some mental health disorders, it can be effective to put you in front of the thing that you are afraid of to help you overcome that level of fear and anxiety. Exposure...

Therapy is something that you find in your local area, or if you’re interested in a model of treatment that is more flexible and affordable, consider trying online therapy. Search our network of skilled mental health professionals who practice different types of treatment. See who appeals to you and set up a time to chat with them.
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