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Psychology is the study of human behavior and how the mind works, which includes conscious and unconscious patterns of thought. There are different forms of psychology, which include abnormal psychology, child psychology, cognitive psychology, and the psychology of addiction. In addition to these types of psychology, there are many more, and all of them provide insight into why human beings behave the way they do.

Here you will find articles that help you get a concept of the reason behind a variety of human behavior, ranging from typical to abnormal. Learning about psychology will help you gain emotional insight into yourself and those around you.

What Is Personality Psychology?

Someone’s personality says a lot about them, or at least that’s what you’ve been told. The more you think about your personality, the more you may realize just how complex...

What We Can Learn from Humanistic Psychology And How To Apply It

Humanistic psychology refers to a perspective in psychology that believes human emotions and self-image are connected to Behavior. Humanistic psychologists study the person as...

What Is Parallel Processing Psychology And Why It Matters?

How the brain sees the world around us and interprets it to serve you is fascinating, to say the very least. Without our complex brains, we would see many objects differently...

How Psychology Therapy Can Change Your Life

When one is faced with a mental illness or another life problem, there are many ways to deal with it. Some may turn to medication. Others may try self-help, even though such a...

The Different Aspects Of Counseling Psychology

There are many forms of psychology designed to help a person, and one of those forms is counseling psychology. In this post, we will look at counseling psychology and the...

Treating Abnormal Psychology Disorders

Over the last century, the way that psychologists treat abnormal psychology disorders has changed drastically. People are no longer locked up in insane asylums for disabilities...

What Is Behavioral Psychology?

The behavioral psychology definition is the study of how our minds and behavior connects. Behavioral psychology explores the why behind our actions. This field of psychology is...

What Is Emotion Psychology And How Is It Used?

Emotion Psychology is the study of human emotions. Emotions are the complex feelings that result in physical and psychological changes. These changes influence our thought and...

Why Read Articles On Psychology?

Psychology articles, particularly those that are published in professional, academic, or scientific journals, are quite fascinating, and one should read them to have a good...

Wilhelm Wundt Father Of Modern Psychology

The late 19th century saw a change in the way people viewed the study of psychology and how patients with mental disorders were treated. In 1879, the Institute for Experimental...

How Psychology News Can Help Us Better Understand Ourselves

Keeping up with the news is always a good thing. It allows to be in the loop, and you can get some insight into what’s going on in the world. However, not all news is created...

What Are Good Psychology Articles And Their Purpose?

When someone thinks about psychology articles, they may imagine something published in a pop psychology website, where they take psychological studies and concepts and publish...

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