Can An Online Dating Coach Help You Find Your Perfect Match? (Why You Should Hire A Dating Coach Online)

Updated February 01, 2021


If you're single and wondering why you're still on the market and not able to find a suitable mate, have you ever considered trying an online dating coach? Today's online dating coaches are available online 24 hours a day to provide you with insights on how to be a better date and have more productive relationships as a result.


A simple Google search can yield valuable results when you enter the search terms "online dating coach near me." In this article, we talk about the benefits of using an online dating coach, including finding an online dating coach for women, finding an online dating coach for men, and information on how to become a dating coach. Let's start by learning more about online dating coaches and what they do.

Online Dating Coaches Help You Grow

Today's virtual dating coaches are licensed, trained professionals that specialize in helping individuals and couples build lasting relationships. When you do an internet search for "online dating coach near me" or "online dating coach for women," what you'll find is a listing of certified professionals that provide behavioral health-related dating coach services online. Many people get confused when it comes to finding an online dating coach for men. Be careful not to confuse coaching for online dating sites with online coaching and therapy to have healthier dating relationships.

Dating coaches help individuals to look at their behaviors more objectively and learn what mistakes they've been making that have knocked you off the pathway to wedded bliss - if that's your ultimate goal. Often, when relationships go south, we tend to look at the other party instead of looking at the role we played in the relationship. If you're repeatedly finding yourself in the midst of bad relationships or experiencing bad breakups, chances are - you need to look a little deeper.

Want to know how to become a dating coach or relationship coach? Visit popular relationship coaching and relationship therapy sites like RegainUS to learn how their coaches got started - and even apply for a coaching position if you're already certified!


One of the important things clients learn in sessions with dating coaches is that no one judges you for the negative outcomes in your relationship. Awareness is key. Looking at the relationship objectively from both sides is a learning opportunity that helps existing couples grow closer together and new couples to start on the right foot.

When you know better, you make better choices, which the online dating coach is for. To teach you how to make better decisions when it comes to your intimate and romantic relationships. Online dating coaches are experts who guide dating couples and individuals who want to learn how to communicate more effectively.

Online Dating Coaches and Matchmaking Services

People who are serious about making a long-term or lifetime commitment to a selected partner or spouse may combine dating coaching services with matchmaking services to create a total dating solution. Individuals can use matchmaking services to connect them with potential partners that are more likely to be successful matches after learning important intimate details about themselves and their desired partner during their dating coaching sessions.

Important factors and dating preferences for choosing a mate that a client will often discuss with his or her dating coach that are beneficial for matchmaking services are as follows:

Dating Preferences and Deal Breakers

What kind of mate do you want to have by your side? Who turns your head? Understanding your dating preferences and deal breakers will go a long way towards finding (and keeping) your best fit. Knowing your preferences will give you a starting point for your dating pool that can be adjusted and tweaked until you find your best fit.

Following are examples of dating preferences and deal breakers that often go undiscussed - until the end of a relationship where hindsight is always 20/20. Save yourself the headache and ask the hard questions upfront.

Physical Attractiveness and Body Type

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said, physical attractiveness and body type do matter when you're choosing a long-term partner or spouse. However, this works both ways, so don't expect to date a physical fitness junkie while you're only ever willing to sit on the couch. Remember, you're looking for lasting love. This is a serious business.


Education - Are you a Sapiosexual? If education is one of your top priorities, then learning about your partner's previous educational accomplishments and potential ongoing goals is a great way to learn if you're compatible in this department. Being honest about your choices will go a long way towards finding the right partner - versus convincing yourself that these things are trivial. In the long term, things like education and earning potential matters. This is especially true as couples grow into families and introduce children into the mix.

Dating History - Some people may be okay with dating their best-friends ex - while others see this as the ultimate betrayal. Knowing your partner's dating history gives you an idea of where they've been (and who they've been with). Dating history is very closely linked with sexual history. If you can have intimate relationships with someone, you should be able to know more about their past relationships and sexual health before diving in and committing long-term.

Criminal History - Due to the recent popularity of television shows like Love After Lockup, this is another topic that needs to be addressed when choosing to say "I do" or "I don't" long-term. Have you or your partner had issues with the law in the past? If so, how do you plan to address these issues?

Financial History - Many of the topics that seem to be taboo to bring up in the dating world are the topics that matter to a relationship's longevity. If you're afraid to ask your current partner or potential long-term partner the important questions, this is a sign that speaks volumes about your relationship. (Financial concerns matter when it comes to planning a life together.)

While it's not recommended that you whip out your checklist on the first date, financial concerns are a huge factor in why many couples don't make it for the long haul. When you're considering entering a long-term relationship with a partner - especially ones that lead to marriage, you want to find out upfront if there are any obstacles to your financial life as a couple together.

For example, if you're planning to buy a house or other property together, you'll want to know your partner's spending habits, how they feel about paying bills, credit scores, and what their plans are for bouncing back from a negative financial situation are if they (or you) have had financial challenges in the past. It's better to know these things up front than to find out on the other end of a declined joint-mortgage application a few years down the road. Life happens; we get it. It's up to you to decide what your deal breakers are and what you can handle.


Family History - What kind of relationships have you (or your spouse witnessed as you were growing up? Were you, your spouse, or potential partner victims of or witnesses to domestic violence? Being exposed to tumultuous relationships in early childhood increases the likelihood that you will have tumultuous relationships as an adult without relearning new relationship communication and behavioral strategies.

Who Were Your "Relationship Role Models?"

Who are your relationship role models, and what makes you admire them? If you have a couple, either real or imaginary, that you admire - ask yourself why. What characteristics does this couple have that make you want to emulate their relationship or have one like it?

Knowing who you are and what you want is a recipe for dating success as you begin to apply what you've learned in your dating coaching sessions to the real-world. During your sessions, you'll learn better communication skills, how to say what's on your mind and your heart, and how to deal with your partner when things go your way - without being passive-aggressive.

Your dating and relationship coach can help you identify your communication style or "love language" so that you facilitate better communication with your current or future partner. Often the thing that keeps two otherwise compatible people from having a successful and lasting relationship - is how they communicate with each other.

Communication is Key in Relationships

The majority of your time spent in dating coaching will focus on communication styles and related behavior patterns. Many of us haven't taken a course on communications and may not be aware of what we have communicated to our romantic partners, both verbally and non-verbally. For example, without being taught proper communication skills, we may believe it's okay to withdraw abruptly from disagreements with our partners (without planning for a later resolution) and then wonder why our partner seems distant or cold weeks later.


In this case, we never even addressed the issue that was the cause of the blowup. Regardless of what or who started the relationship fire, someone was triggered, and a dating coach can teach you how to recognize you and your partner's triggers so you can navigate around them more easily. No relationship is perfect. There will be arguments. There will be disagreements. This is a part of life. No two people will agree on the same things 100% of the time. That's not the point.

The Bottom Line and Next Steps

The point of relationship counseling is to facilitate better communication with your internal self and externally with your partner - so that your relationship can withstand the blows and bounce back quickly when inevitable breaks in communication come up in your relationship.

The ultimate goal is improved communication - not to win. Learn how to choose your mates wisely, bounce-back, and fight fair. Contact a dating and relationship counselor to get started today!

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