Understanding BetterHelp Pricing and How BetterHelp Is Improving Online Therapy

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BetterHelp is one of the leading online platforms and allows users to tailor their therapeutic experience to their needs. With live video sessions, phone calls, live text chats, and asynchronous messaging, you are able to communicate with your counselor in the way that works best for you.

How much is BetterHelp a month?

The average cost of BetterHelp is between $60-$90 per week and is billed monthly. This amount is dependent upon your location, preferences, and therapist availability, and may be reduced if you are a student or have other qualified financial needs.

While we understand the cost of therapy can be a concern, BetterHelp aims to be significantly more affordable than in-person traditional therapy, which often has a co-pay even with insurance of around $75-$150 per session.

Is there a cheaper alternative to BetterHelp? 

For those who are seeking long-term solutions and mental health care but are concerned about the weekly price of BetterHelp, we recommend reaching out to discuss potential price discount options.

Does BetterHelp sell your info?

BetterHelp does not sell your info. 


BetterHelp also records any website errors, user mobile device ID, and IP address. Visits to FAQ pages are also monitored to help with website usability and improvement.


Account Registration

Account registration includes information about the registration process, such as linked to Facebook or Google accounts, and whether the user used email or phone number for verifications. 


 It also includes information about participation in trial periods, whether they canceled their trial, and whether they cancel their account.


Counseling Session 

It also records when the session began and ended and whether the session was rescheduled or canceled.




How long are BetterHelp sessions?

With BetterHelp, you get more than traditional therapy for your payment each week. When it comes to meeting with your therapist directly, BetterHelp offers scheduling blocks of 30 minutes. However, clients are often able to schedule sessions with multiple blocks. When you are discussing your therapy preferences with your counselor, it is important to discuss how long you would like your sessions to be and how frequent. Live sessions can only be scheduled one at a time.

One thing to note is that BetterHelp therapy is often more cost-efficient than traditional therapy, especially for the breadth of resources available. To ensure you are making use of all the resources available on BetterHelp, be sure to discuss with your therapist the tools available that may be a good match for you.

How many sessions do you get with BetterHelp?

Typically, clients will have 1 live session per week or 1 live session every other week. However, in between these sessions, you may have worksheets, journal entries, or other therapeutic activities assigned by your counselor. These can often be assigned and completed directly in the platform. In addition to your weekly sessions, you will be able to send messages to your counselor at any time. Different counselors may have different policies for how often they check and respond to chats and messages, so this is something to discuss to ensure you are on the same page and getting the most out of your counselor match.

Because you are not paying per session like traditional counseling services, the number of live sessions is less important than in traditional face-to-face therapy, where the live meeting is generally the sole source of therapy per week. You can determine which tools are best for you. For example, if you are unable to meet with your counselor for one week, you can continue your therapy that week through goal setting, asynchronous messaging with your counselor, completing therapeutic activities, or watching online video resources. 

BetterHelp is highly personalized and allows you to have the therapeutic experience that works best for you.

Can I cancel BetterHelp?

To cancel your BetterHelp account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BetterHelp account
  2. If you are currently receiving therapy, go to Menu > My Account (or Account settings) > Payment settings > Quit Therapy
  3. Then go to Menu > My Account (or Account settings) > and click on Request

A confirmation will be sent to the email address on your account once your request is processed.

Is BetterHelp a safe site?

Final Words

Studies have shown online counseling can be just as effective as online counseling, and therapeutic experts at BetterHelp want to ensure users feel confident trusting the platform with their mental health needs.

If you are looking for a counselor and think BetterHelp may be right for you, waste no time in signing up today. We look forward to working with you!


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